Monday, August 11, 2014

She's Extraordinarily Childlike

A couple of decades ago I dreamt I had a store. It was called: She's Extraordinarily Childlike. When I awoke from my dream, all I wanted to do was go back to that store. Something about it felt so right. It wasn't child "ish" it was child "like." In a way, my sense of play has been the ingredient that has enlivened my classes, has made my one-on-one clients my playmates, and my virtual audience an exercise in having fun with people near and far. I want you to have fun with me!

When I look at the world through my child-like eyes of play, everything comes alive. I am filled with a sense of joy and wonder. I discover and co-create instead of fall in line with the same old behaviors that once worked, but are now just habits. As I grow in years, the act of stripping down my conditioning and becoming more like a child feels like the place of re-creation. Not only do I recreate my body, but my life becomes a playground. When I re-create my life daily and live from my heart instead of my head, I have boundless energy and seem to dance effortlessly with my environment. I see everything that falls into my path as a total gift. Even the tears I feel in my heart today are a gift. I feel my vulnerability as a precious commodity in this moment.

Summertime evokes memories of childhood for me. I love to find the nostalgia of a day at the beach, wet sandy hair and the salty taste in my mouth. The Summer fruits, a perfect balance to the dry heat. I take advantage of the late sunsets with a walk by the coast, or frequent the outdoor concerts at the pier near my neighborhood. I fall in line physically by engaging in more outdoor activities, recreation, and hobbies. This Summer, I have gone sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, rollerskating and dancing.

Consider looking at your day with a beginner's mind, a child's eyes. Some ways to do this may be:

  •  Eat with your hands. Corn on the cob, watermelon...anything that you can get your hands on will help to remind you of the early years. (Please, no food fights....) 

  • Have dessert for lunch and breakfast for dinner. Yep. Sometimes you just have to let loose and break all the rules. It helps if the "ice cream" is coconut milk based and sugar free. Plenty of options out there these days! 

  • Roll down a grassy hill. Do somersaults, or simply lay down on top of someone. We get so used to being in our bodies in one way. Try using the body without the help of your arms or legs. Rolling around has you moving in a circular motion. Change energy into motion.

  • Get a group together and play a game in the park. Soccer, capture the flag or tag.

Of course, one of the best ways to tune into the energy of a child is to be around children. Although I do not have children myself, I get a real kick out of watching my niece ham it up with the microphone, dance and twirl around...and even enjoy watching the occasional temper tantrum. (The joys of being an "extra adult".) In all circumstances, feel into your heart and heartily enjoy how you feel, no matter what state. Being alive is an extraordinary gift. ENJOY! 
child's pose with my niece and grandma


my guru

kind-a havin' fun

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