Monday, June 16, 2014

The Words We Choose

 Let me be pure in thought word and deed. To begin my day with a simple statement declaring my intentions, is to speak a truth that is larger than me. Of course, my imperfections may shine through the way the sun is shining through the leaves of this tree at the Omega Institute where I lead my weekend workshop: Love Your Body Into Shape with Intentional Action.
my words are like the leaves of my tree.
I had heard of the Omega Institute throughout my childhood. I grew up going to a mobile school for experiential learning. We would travel throughout the city of Los Angeles, learning from our community members. Each human adding value to our collective community. From the sewage system workers to the architects...every being has something to say and is worth listening to. We are each others teacher. The Omega Institute highlights the higher mind: the spiritual, philosophical, psychological and creative community. I was very blessed to be asked to teach where "high-minded" humans like Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Alex Grey, and Eckhart Tolle lead retreats. I'm glad I trusted when Omega asked and said "YES!"
she continued on her path, wildly trusting the future.

there she is. she has a happy face that has accepted and integrated her lessons well.

let's put all of that together now. this is a grateful tree. write it down and reach for the sky with your branches!
As I walked the grounds where I would be teaching, I spontaneously and continually erupted with the words, "Thank You". I could feel the order around the natural environment. The Eco Community is rich with wellness programs, treatments for support, lush grounds, wide open and green spaces, a meditation sanctuary, healthy and plentiful meals provided in part by the sustainable gardens on the property, a bountiful book store and a library that that was a Disneyland to me! At the same time, all who work here are volunteers and the quarters are very spartan. Simplicity removes all cares.

They make it easy to do the right thing.  I drink from the well.
Since my workshop was based around creating the life we want, it was a nice reminder to see this:

self explanatory.
When I began the workshop with a grounding yin yoga practice on Friday evening, there was a heaviness in the room. Many were tired from travel. Since we began at night, it surrounded us in the unknown of the dark. I am glad that the angel card I selected for myself was; PATIENCE. It helped to remind me that all would unfold in it's due time. As I explored further, I found some tools to raise my vibration.

These crystal gems remind me of my childhood. Treasures of the earth.
 The bookstore is filled with many hidden treasures. As I explored, I was reminded that my own dreams had come true! I am in the bookstore at the Omega Institute. I am blessed with the ability to declare my dreams, move through the process, claim them and then share them with others. That requires a lot of PATIENCE.

There I am. See me on the lower left hand corner? Yogalosophy Book & DVD! 
On Day 2, we did the Yogalosophy Routine together as a group, and then it was time for arts and crafts. Did you know that everything I envisioned for myself, I put on a Vision Board and it has come true? Even Oprah does it. Most people say they would like to make one, but most people don't set aside the time. So I decided to include this in the weekend. No sooner had we begun, then we were all busily cutting and pasting. It felt like we were back in the best part of school. The creative part!
You can use any magazines or markers or pictures of yourself, but make it something you love! 

It was this woman's birthday! 
It's so wonderful to create a bounty of sayings that word for you. Words like "Yes", "Release", and "Be" give us simple bite sized reminders of larger concepts. Life is really quite simple. If you choose your words carefully, a little goes a long way. The word PATIENCE allowed me to move through my own process of leading the class and my own feelings and stray thoughts that cycle through my body energetically. I could always return to the word I chose. Other words that were chosen: Creativity, Celebration, Responsibility, Delight, Humor, Grace, Depth, Gratitude, Authenticity....Forgiveness & Flexibility. What words will you choose today?

Your words are treasures. Choose them with mindfulness. 

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