Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grounding the Mind into the Body

Try holding each of these postures for 10 deep breaths. When you get to standing splits on side one, step back and repeat warrior 2 through standing splits on side two. When done with side two, forward bend and continue. Do Pigeon on both sides as well.
This past week blew the winds of change ( literally) into my home. The wild Santa Ana winds, followed by a heat wave in Los Angeles, left me with little sleep and an erratic mind. As above, so below applies to me more often than not and I come to understand this even more with such extreme conditions and their effects upon me. When the winds are blowing, my mind turns on. The best way for me to recalibrate is to return to physical activity and ground my mental energy into my body by breathing and moving in tandem. This grounding routine (pictured above) should be done slowly and deeply. Do not race through the postures, but focus on the breath. Our breath becomes the bridge from the mind to the body, and brings us back into the present moment. With presence comes power. There is a natural power deep within you. Spend some time cultivating that power today.

  • CHAIR POSE: sink your hips back, as you extend your arm up. Imagine you are a lightning bolt.
  • TREE POSE:   balance on one leg, as you firm it, draw the sole of the opposite foot to the inner thigh. 
  • TEMPLE POSE: Widen your stance, and sink hips down to knee level. Press knees open. Straight spine
  • WARRIOR 2: Turn one foot out, the other in slightly. Front heel to back arch alignment. Bend front knee at 90 degree angle. Straight back leg. Arms extended equally. Sternum lifts
  • TRIANGLE:   Walk back foot in slightly. Bring bottom hand to shin. Elongate side body. Top arm extends up to the sky.
  • HALF MOON: Bend front knee, place bottom finger tips, slightly to side of pinky toe. Launch off and balance on straight front leg.
  • STANDING SPLITS: Drop top arm down as you raise extended leg to standing splits. 


  • STANDING FORWARD BEND: Separate feet hip width and allow the knees to bend slightly as you fold forward. Allowing the crown of the head to aim to the floor.
  • SQUAT: Lower your hips down. Palms in prayer, pressing knees open. Toes turned out slightly.
  • COBBLER'S POSE: Sit on the floor. Allow your knees to fan out as you bring the soles of feet together. Fold forward.
  • PIGEON: Lean to the left and swing your right leg back. Keep left knee bent to side, under shoulder, left heel comes towards right shoulder. Square the hips and fold forward. Do side two. 
  • SEATED FORWARD BEND: Swing both legs forward. Move the fleshy part of the butt to the side. Fold down. 


  1. Hi Mandy,
    I checked out your Yogalosophy DVD from the library and I just want to thank you. I love the DVD and adore your blog.
    I've been practicing your DVD for two weeks now. I had a baby a 2.5 months ago and have been looking for something to accompany my cardio workouts (love to run) to help me get back in shape.
    As a new single mom it's not as easy to make it to the gym. Your DVD has allowed me the opportunity to work towards my goal - and it truly lifts my spirits. You have a great sense about you. I enjoy your attitude and perspective.
    I feel a little dorky commenting on your blog - but I thought you should know how much it really has turned around my days being able to practice your workout at home. When I am done it feels like the sun is shining on me. :) I could go on and on but I won't. Thank you thank you.
    Lots of love.

    1. thank you so so much! this made my day. i'm glad you decided to be dorky.