Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank You

Thank you 2012.
Thank you for bringing me to my own edge, and for holding me in a womb of nature for six months while I held a rose quartz crystal in my left palm and cried.
Thank you for giving me a place to focus my analyzing mind. A book. With no ghost writer.
Thank you for the love that I felt and that I gave and received in earnest... And for it still not being enough.
Thank you for the pain that grabs me in a way that forces me to my knees and has me facing my biggest fear—that I am alone and unlovable. Thank you for the indescribable, undeniable presence that you send to sit with and support me.
Thank you for lifting me out of my tears and placing me in the presence of people who are open and want to hear and read my words.
Thank you for New Orleans beignets and for Ibiza all-nighters, for engagements, babies that were born into difficult circumstances, book signings, superficial friends, green tea with too much honey and tiny dogs that resemble exploding foxes.
Thank you for memories of lovers who I still love, and of lovers who I don't.
Thank you for sweatpants, heaters, and ice cream.
Thank you for Inside the Actors Studio and for Hot Yoga.
Thank you for my mother and grandmother (still alive), for the Hollywood Bowl, where I did not go this year, and for the outdoor ice skating rink in Santa Monica in 90-degree weather.
Thank you for delivering my lessons in gentle ways. For the UNFRIEND button on Facebook and for the UNSUBSCRIBE button on newsletters.
Thank you for deep breaths, anemia and electricity.
Thank you for Occupy Wall Street, Barack Obama, and Marlon Brando movies.
Thank you for car detailing, razor cartridges and chocolate, and Dr. Altchuler who forgot to call me back.
Thank you for old friends, new clients, and consistent habits.
Thank you for living up to the Nostrodamus predictions, for the Mayan calendar legend and for the speediness of time.
Thank you for delivering no less than a magical and exciting year.
Thank you for not giving away the ending.
Thank you for that moon. The stars. The sky.
Thank you for the Pacific Ocean, and my own ability to see the distortions my mind wants to make.
Thank you for the ever-increasing faithfulness growing inside my heart.
Thank you for showing me where I still have more to resolve and learn.
Thank you 2012. I like your style.


  1. Such a beautiful post. This has definitely been a good year. 2013 promises to be even better!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Mandy.So good to read