Monday, June 11, 2012

Write Your Way Into Perfect Health

The messages you send to your body through your thinking are very powerful. The thoughts you think when you are practicing or exercising get into your DNA, just the same as how old thoughts and messages are stored in your body, and when you move, these ideas loosen and begin to move through you. One of the greatest ways to access the subconscious feelings and messages you are working out is journaling.

When your mind jumps around, words can be an anchor. Writing is a very powerful tool for transforming mental energy into action. Here are three ways to change your physical world by changing your mind with writing:

1. Workout Journal - Keep a workout journal for one month. Write as little as 3 sentences, or up to 3 pages. Describe how you feel before, during, and after your routine. Write about what is happening in your life and how that effects you. Journaling has always been an important tool for me. It is the way my subconscious and conscious mind communicate, and I can see and identify more what is going on with me. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am feeling until I put pen to paper.

2. Love Letter to Yourself - Funny, sometimes I think I need more communication with my friends, family or partner, but what I really need is a little love from ME! That's right. It doesn't take anything away from anyone else if I fall in love with myself. I still have old letters that I have written to me, just pouring on the love. Try using this amazing tool for self-loving. You will require less from others and have more love to give.

3. Write It and Burn It - When something is nagging or bothering you, do you tend to run it over and over again in your head? Try this: write down what you're worried about, and then let it go by either placing it into a GOD box or burning it and releasing it to the Universe. Once you have emptied your mind, you will be ready to hit the mat and breathe!

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