Monday, February 20, 2012

Seeing Your Future

Something has happened astrologically to the collective consciousness. The planet Neptune, which rules all things not seen, psychic and artistic, poetry, film and insanity... the place where the lines are blurred and everything is dreamy and water color... has moved into the sign that it naturally rules, meaning it has returned home. Think of the ocean's vast mystery. Or imagine looking at your hand when it is underwater. Tangible images, yes. But part of the beauty of this energy is that it's non-linear, creative, intangible, it is endless and quite psychic.

Tarot Card
My mother used to give me TAROT card readings when I was a child, and we became interested in the intangible thread that weaves all information together. At age 14, I went to my very first psychic with my mom. It was her first reading as well. She was the first to go in, and emerged in tears due to a prediction that her 17 year marriage to my dad was ending because of an 'outside energy'. (In psychic speak, that means another person: an affair.) I went in next and the psychic, Norma, told me that I needed to learn to 'detach with love'. She  told me that I would be an actress for 8 years, and then I would have a career in the healing arts, teaching exercise. That was NOT what I wanted to hear at the time. I was just beginning my budding career and going to Broadway. I wanted to hear that I would be a famous and successful actress! Somehow this information seemed correct even though I couldn't quite imagine how it would coexist with my own dreams of being fully and artistically expressed. Soon after the reading, my parents divorced, as predicted by the psychic, and thus sparked my belief in psychic powers. It would be years later when the prediction came clear for me: as a health and wellness expert.

It happens like a flash... is it a memory of the future? We get these flashes sometimes, and in an instant we can understand and absorb the future and the as yet unseen. I have explored many tools, from I Ching and astrology, to philosophies, energy workers, healers and tinctures. I am a believer in whatever works, and that we all have these instincts; this knowing from within. My New Year's Resolution is to follow my instincts. Going with my gut is essential. I tend to second guess myself, assuming that if I organize and arrange my actions in a particular way, things will manifest as I want them to. However, this planner is linear. This part of my brain fails to make the quantum leap. After all, the young girl with a dream of being an actress couldn't deny the years of wonderful jobs up ahead. Just as the teacher in me could not be quelled by my fears of returning to the public, or my childhood resentments that turned my nose up at yoga and the yoga community. Somehow, everything came together to make perfect sense.

What do you sense is happening around you? We are in a phase where each of us is way more tuned in psychically, and tapped into the collective unconscious. Use your tools. Follow the signs, and trust your intuition. You know where to go. Even if it doesn't make logical sense. Leap into the unknown and watch... your dreams will come true.

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