Monday, October 17, 2011


I remember being a child, and wondering what I would look like as an adult. Would I be beautiful? Growing up, Disney characters and Barbie dolls colored my view of what was beautiful and didn't give much room for anything too unique. My mother always taught me that there was such a thing as inner beauty, and being authentic. Although it took me years to accept myself as is, part of what I grew to notice was that I was somehow attractive enough to gravitate people that I too found attractive. Even without blonde hair and blue eyes. Even without make up or perfectly straight hair. Even at the gym. Sweaty!

Beauty is something that emanates from within, and certainly is in the eye of the beholder. So behold your beauty. See beauty in everything. Notice what is already beautiful about your body, and see the beauty in what's around you. Even the most seemingly tragic situations hold beauty, if you look at them through loving eyes.

Meditate or practice in nature and beauty. When I am feeling unlovable, I remember that everything in nature is beautiful. I don't look at a roly poly puppy and think it's "fat" or "ugly" if it has a marking on it's face. There are no imperfect flowers in nature. I see the beauty in all of my students in much the same way. We come in such a wide range of shapes colors and sizes, but I always say that if aliens came down and saw us, we would all seem basically the same. Beauty is a matter of perspective.

Try listing 3 things that are beautiful about yourself. This month, find the elegance and grace in your practice. For some tips on loving yourself this month click here. Also, check me out on Beauty Bean's Make Up Free Monday for more tips on feeling beautiful from the inside out.

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