Monday, August 22, 2011

Self-care is the Key to Self-esteem

I am often asked what it is that I am doing with my celebrity clients. There must be some special formula that I have. Some special cocktail. My clients are very consistent with one important element: Self-care. Everyone has a body they need to take care of. It doesn't matter how famous you are, how much money you make or how in love you are. We are all on equal playing ground in that no other person can take care of your body for you.

One of the main lessons I have had to learn through being a teacher, and being the example, is how to create healthy habits and the environment for my body to fall into place. I used to think that I would feel better when... (fill in the blank), so my self-worth was wrapped up in all of these accomplishments yet to be fulfilled. Once I had reached a particular goal and didn't feel better about myself, I would simply transfer my self-worth to another outside goal. More than anything else, self-care has helped me to build self-esteem.

This body is a gift, and my job in this life is to take care of this amazing instrument. Ah, to be able to move and use my body! Isn't amazing how we take care of our cars and our pets, and we put our bodies as the lowest priority? We would never ignore a flashing red light on our dashboard, but if we have a pain in our body we tend to ignore it, thinking it will go away. Often waiting until we are ill before we realize that our our health is imperative. As a doer, I tend to put myself last, so I have learned the hard way to tend to myself. I have learned to rest when I am tired, to prepare a healthy meal when I am hungry, and to make sure I am hydrated. I move to keep my body supple and responsive. When I take care of myself, I thrive and self-care becomes a meditation on loving myself.

It seems that there are only so many hours in the day, and sometimes I wonder how it can be possible do everything I need to do. I have found several really simple things that make me feel vibrant and are easy to add into the routine.

Twice a year I give myself a tune-up. I used to think that I was undisciplined because I couldn't be super restrictive with my diet all the time. Then I realized I can do it in concentrated periods. I do some sort of detox to clean up my diet in September and also in April.

There are several options for me:

  • Clean Up Your Diet: Paleo Diet, Yeast-free diet, Go Raw or Vegan, The Zone Diet
  • Give up a vice or three. Eliminate sugar, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol. Yes, in order to make room for something new, we must restrict and create space.
  • Replace with healthy treats! Add organic fresh vegetables, avocado, nuts and unpackaged, whole foods.
  • Hydrate. Three liters of water a day is ideal. If you need to add flavor, try cucumber slices or add a splash of cranberry juice.

  • Detoxify by sweating. Try infrared sauna, hot yoga, indoor cycling.
  • Twisting yoga postures help to wring out and detoxify the internal organs.
  • Meditate and breathe.
  • Morning Pages: write out your feelings first thing in the a.m. Sometimes we need to detox our thoughts. Let it out!
  • Slow down. Once a day, take a 30-minute walk. This will slow you down and help you to become present.
  • Service. Do a good turn for someone else. It gives me self esteem to help another in need.

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  1. "Give up a vice or three. Eliminate sugar, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol. Yes, in order to make room for something new, we must restrict and create space."
    I like your way of thinking.....this little thought is going to make a huge difference in how I look at giving up different things in my diet.
    I really enjoy reading your blog!