Monday, July 25, 2011

RECREATE YOUR BODY (re-creation)

This month holds the energy of creativity. Children are masters of creativity and recreation. I remember being a little kid, and that feeling of exhaustion I would have at the end of the day because I had played so hard - it felt so good. Everything from the Kid Olympics that my dad created for us, to reenacting scenes from Young Frankenstein with my mom. The art projects were endless and we would dance for hours at a time, just because.
When I look at this picture of myself, I remember the self confidence of exploration. The sprit of play and joy is a great way to make yoga and cardio fun. When I was a child, I would try things simply for the sake of play. For inspiration, I might think of my favorite child, or I might call into mind that little 3 year old Mandy that hasn't changed one bit since then. That child is completely untouched and ready to play. Thinking we know it all doesn't leave much room for new experiences and discovery, and I want to leave myself open for that.
Exercise is fun. I sometimes say: "If you are a dog, this is your walk". Notice how excited your dog gets to for a walk. That's how excited your body is to move! One of my old teachers works with animals and autistic children, and he says the universal language is PLAY! When we play, we don't have to worry about looking silly... that's the POINT! Trying something like 
crow pose or one-arm balance can be daunting when we think that there is a right way to do it, but there is a sense of play in just giving it a shot. So play around this month. If you fall... so what. Tap into that spirit of joy and try not to take yourself so seriously.

In the spirit of that creativity and recreation, I also remind myself that my body is a work in progress. There is no final product. When I was a little girl, I thought that when I grew up I would be a certain weight. Now, after becoming a woman and seeing that my body fluctuates, it reminds me that I am changing all the time. Usually, what I do today has a great effect on what happens tomorrow, so I try to remember that the activities I do today feed the creation of the person I am becoming. Play this month and be creative!

Here are some ways to embody the art of recreation:

PLAY: Instead of making fitness a chore, play a game. Try tennis, a game of Capture the Flag or touch football. Rollerblade or ride your bike.

FLIRT: Creative energy and sexual energy originate from the same place. After all, what is more creative than making a person? Use sexual energy to reshape your body by thinking of someone you have a crush on while your work out. Or make a sexy playlist to practice to.

ACT AS IF: Imagine that you are your favorite athlete, your favorite Charlie's Angel, or any other character that inspires you to kick butt. Notice how motivating that is.

CELEBRATE: Your body is a gift and the way we practice gratitude is by using our gifts. Every day we can move and breathe freely is cause for celebration. Use my Dance Party playlist or make your own. Invite friends over for a dance party and prepare a healthy treat.

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