Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hashtag SuperMoon

It seems no matter where you turn these days, you see a #hashtag about a Super Moon. I knew the hundredth monkey phenomenon had officially occurred when my uncle, who is a lawyer, reminded me not to get upset because Mercury in retrograde is "real." This weekends' Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse was actually trending!! Well, Mercury is retrograde. So how can we make sense of all this "information?" As I was checking out my own social media, I actually became weary of the obligatory posts on said #supermoon. So feel free to tune in again next week, unfriend, or even make a snide comment if you must. (I actually got one on my Facebook page: Blablabla, he commented. And I sort of agreed. 

Now down to business. After over four decades of astrological study, here's what I know: Whenever there is a full moon we are working with the polarity of opposites. Issues of relationships come to the fore because we are working with the Sun (self) and the Moon (internal emotional life); therefore emotions heighten as we feel a pull from deep within and equally from the external forces. We feel pulled in two opposing directions, creating dynamic tension. This past full moon was on the Aries/Libra axis. The sun in peace-making Libra and the moon Libra's opposite fiery sign of Aries. This indicates an internal need to care for the self first; to follow your impulse and to be selfish. At the same time, the conscious and solar life highlights partnerships. How can you balance your own needs with those you are closest to? 

Now for the eclipse part, which is what made it a #BloodMoon because of the pinkish hue. As earth travels between the moon and sun, it eclipses that light reflecting off of the moon. In this moment of darkness, there is a reboot. In a way like turning your computer off and then on. Eclipses have a six month effect, so it marks a new theme in your life. It isn't like a lightening bolt or an "aha" unless it is touching your personal planets. For more clues into what this may look like for you, perhaps you can remember back to Fall of 1996. There was an eclipse in a similar position. What were you learning then? Take some time to identify what themes are similar for you today and stay available for a makeover.

As far as the SuperMoon part, when the moon gets as close to the earth as possible, thus making it appear larger, and has no significant astrological effect due to this display. I will say, there have been a lot of #SuperMoons lately. I almost feel that I need to jump on the bandwagon and address it! 

I will leave you with this, everyone has Aries and Libra somewhere in their chart. Personally, I try to roll with the energy of the day and in the Libra month, balance postures, surfing, and aerial yoga classes could benefit you during this month. When training at the gym, work with a Bosu Ball to challenge your balance. Relationships and negotiating, compromise and pretty things take priority. When challenged by the impulse of the moon in Aries that is quick, impulsive and active, communication is the key. But what's done is done. Moving on. I hope you had a #SuperWeekend and have a #SuperWeek filled with #SuperSunSalutations.

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